Cast of Characters

I got a lot of positive feed back yesterday on my first blog post!  Thank you all so much! Now to decide what to blog about next!  hmmmm…. I guess first I should introduce some of the main characters of this little piece of earth we call Croocked Brand Ranch.  moe

This is our dog Moe.  He is about 10 years old and a cross between a Blue Heeler and Border Collie….so he is very smart!  (Most of the time!)

These are a few of the “girls”.  We are a cow/calf operation which means we keep cows to produce calves for later sale.  We have a spring herd where the babies are born  in March and a fall herd where they are born in September.  Each year we keep back a few of the heifers and cull out the older cows.

One of the new babies.  So cute!


These two handsome fellows are our herd bulls.  On the left is Tank and on the right is JohnCoffey.  We run mostly Saler cattle crossed with Black Angus.

These little girls are a cross between Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White.  There are 10 of them and they give us 7-9 eggs a day!

There are also 7 horses on the ranch…I will introduce you to them in my next blog.

Once again thanks for reading…I really appreciate it.  Please leave any questions or comments.

Be blessed,


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