Keeping Track:Tagging, Weaning and Preg Checking

  Our mornings sunrises are beautiful here at CBR.  The picture doesn’t do it justice (especially since I took it through the window…it’s a bit chilly out there). Yesterday we had the vet come out to preg check cows in our fall herd.  Out of 43 cows only 7 were “open” or not pregnant.  Since these were first calf heifers we will move them to our spring herd and give them another chance to breed in June.  If they don’t breed then, we will take them to the sale barn.  These cows had 450-550 pound calves that we weaned today also.  weaning calves is just basically separating them from the cows and getting them started eating grain.  This summer these calves will be used for Ranch sorting practices and then the steers will  go to market in the fall.  We will keep the heifers  for breeding and increasing our herd. In addition to preg checking the cows also got new ear rings (number tags).  Ear tagging helps us in our record keeping.  I think all ranches have some sort of system to keep track of things like how many are in each herd, how old the cow is, how many calves she has had, which bull she was bred to etc.  We custom-made a few of the tags. The 00 is the year the cow was born (2010).  This is cow #2. After gathering all the cows up they are ran through an alley way into a squeeze chute.  Here they are checked for pregnancy.  Yes…that’s how it’s done.   Then they get a new earing .   My job was to keep 2 taggers loaded at all times, so the pictures aren’t all that great, but hopefully they give you an idea of the process.

This is just a small glimpse of some of what goes into having a cattle ranch.  It’s much more than just having cows roaming around a pasture.


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