Healthy Heifers

Yesterday (Monday) was beautiful!  It was in the 70’s but the wind blew like crazy!  We are hoping it will blow in some rain soon. We took advantage of the nice weather to work 19 heifer calves.  Working cattle is something ranchers do to help keep the animals healthy and disease free.  This particular group of calves got a liquid poured on their back that helps prevent worms and lice.  They were given 2 vaccinations.  (Much like we vaccinate our children for childhood diseases).   One is a vaccine that protects them from a virus called Leptospirosis which causes the pregnant animal to abort their calf , and the other for  a fatal disease called Black Leg that affects young cattle. After they were all done, we moved them from the home 40 to one of the rental properties that is across the road.  The first of June we will put the heifer bull (named JohnCoffey) in with them for 65 days.

Tank is on the left.  Heifer bull JohnCoffey is on the right.

Tank is on the left. Heifer bull JohnCoffey is on the right.

This fall they will be preg checked and those who are not bred will go to market.  All that are bred will be kept for replacement cows.  Our heifer pregnancy rate has been running about 80%. It was my job to pour the dewormer on the backs and hand Jonesy the syringes when the heifer was in the chute.  When we are done, it is important to clean everything thoroughly for the next time we work cattle. It’s is important to keep our cattle as healthy as possible and to keep good bloodlines reproducing in our herd.


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