Slow down…It’s not NASCAR



We have such a great view at our place.  One of our favorite things is eating breakfast by our dining room window.  One morning last week as we were enjoying the view over pancakes a car went flying by on our gravel road.  Now you might be thinking “what’s the big deal?” but imagine someone driving 55 down a residential street.  Yeah…it’s like that.  A lot of people from the city visit the country and sometimes move here.  Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but they are not aware of the sometimes “unspoken” country road courtesy’s .  For example, when a large piece of equipment is coming in the opposite direction,  you get over and sometimes stop to let them pass.


Every now and then cows find a hole in the fence and take a walk down the road.  If a car driving too fast encounters one of the animals it could wind up hitting the animal, hitting the ditch or worse.  What bothers me more than anything is the fact that the kids in this area as well as Jonesy and I ride horses up and down these gravel roads all the time.  All it would take is for one of these fast moving vehicles to pop over a hill, see someone on horseback, slam on their brakes which would send them sliding and spinning in the loose rocks and….well, I cant even fathom the result.  It really is unsafe to drive over 25-30 mph on a country road.  After all, it is the country…slow down and enjoy the scenery.

So…for those of you who live on a residential street please remember when you come to the country for a visit, please drive like you are on one of those residential streets.  Take time to notice the beauty.

For those of us who have the privilege of calling the country our home, lets be good examples and make others aware that NASCAR has it’s place but it’s not on a country road.

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