From Desk Job to Shoveling Horse Poo

Well, I am just a few weeks into blogging and so far I have gotten positive feedback…whew!  You just never know how an undertaking like this will go.  I was even “re-blogged”!  How cool is that?  I think it’s super cool! As I said on my About page, I recently left my job of 8 years in a dental office.  I worked at the front desk dealing with patients and insurance companies.  I really enjoyed my job, but it was time to make a change.  On more than one occasion  the question has been posed “Why you would leave a desk job for shoveling horse poo in the freezing cold”.   (Yes, I do that and so much more.)

Me and my Horse Gunny

Me and my Horse Gunny

The answer is very simple really.  As I have gotten older and experienced life, my heart and desires have changed.  You see, this ranching thing is not new to me, but my younger self (and very inexperienced I might add) was busy raising kids and keeping house.  From my viewpoint the ranch was more of a burden than anything, and yes at times I hated it.

After rejoining the workforce when my kids were a little older and working a total of 14 years, I realized the world was going by too fast.  I love the quote from the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off:

life moves fast


I came to the realization that right before me was an opportunity to come alongside my husband, to work together and build something with our heart and soul, to make memories, and in some way maybe leave a legacy.  Even though ranching is not new to me, my change of heart, a maturing if you will, makes everything about it new!  I am learning (and re-learning) a lot of stuff.  I’m not going to lie…it’s not always easy!

But if it were easy everyone would be doing it…right?

Once again, thanks for reading and have a blessed day.

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