Breathing in Nature

Yesterday I took advantage of the warm spring day and went for a walk in the woods on one of the properties we rent. This time of the year is the perfect time to “nature walk”.  It won’t be long and the snakes and other critters will be out.  (I do NOT like snakes!!!)

Even though the trees are still bare, this creek is beautiful.  Soon though there will be buds on the trees and everything will begin to green up.  

It was so peaceful walking out there by myself.  It’s almost indescribable.  I wonder how we (I) get so caught up in this life that I miss all this.  The birds singing,  the wind blowing through the bare branches.  Close your eyes (c’mon…humor me).  Can you hear it?  It’s like taking a deep breath and letting everything else just fall away.   I just had to stop right there in the woods and be still.


When I opened my eyes and continued my walk this is what I saw next.

This gorgeous alfalfa field belongs to a neighbor.  The picture doesn’t do it justice!  It is such a rich green.  It’s the promise of more to come.

Let me encourage you to take sometime soon to just go outside.  Whether you are a city dweller or a country bumpkin, take a moment to look around at this beautiful creation and just breathe it in.

Be blessed (and refreshed),


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