Ranching: One Day at a Time

No two days are the same here on the ranch.  A couple of days ago it was in the upper 70’s and yesterday we woke up to snow!

Since it was snowing we went into Kansas City to get parts for the brush hog that is broke down.  Today, Jonesy spent his morning working on the brush hog while I worked on paperwork.

After lunch I jumped in the old farm truck and ran to town to put gas in it and run a few errands.  We try to combine as many errands as we can on each trip we make off the ranch.  So I hit the gas station, pharmacy, auto parts store to get a muffler clamp, and finally Wal Mart.

This old ’76 Chevy is a typical farm truck.  The speedometer and gas gauge don’t work and the doors are hard to open and close, but it’s very handy to have around.  We use it to haul wood, hay and for just bouncing around on the back roads on a warm Sunday afternoon.

It wasn’t long after I got home that it was time to fix supper.

One of my favorite meals which includes beef we raised.

Since I have been home full time, my days go by so fast and sometimes I have no concept of what time it really is!  I love that every day has something new or different.   Some days are planned out, and sometimes we just have to roll with whatever comes our way.

Tomorrow is a new day and I cant wait to see what it brings!





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