Finding the Little Things

Well, as I said in yesterday’s blog, no two days on the ranch are the same!  Today proved that!  It was pretty much non stop. First thing this morning we moved 17 heifers from the pasture across the road from us and into the corral.  From there we loaded them into the trailer to take them to one of the rental properties.  Now that the fences there have been checked and repaired it is ready to have cows on it. First load We had to make two loads.  Eight in the first and nine in the second.                                 They were happy to see all that green grass!                                                                                                                      After dropping them off we had to make an unexpected trip to town.  On the way back as we were driving by this pasture I looked out my window and happened to see one of the heifers on the wrong side of the fence! So we had to hustle home and get the fence supplies and head back to see what the problem was.  (Jonesy was a little irritated.)  After walking the fence we found a downed tree laying on it that was missed before.  The heifer just stepped over the tree and just like that she was out.  After getting her back on the side she belonged , Jonesy spliced the barb wire and we walked the rest of the fence and checked the water gaps…just to be sure.   I didn’t have my camera with me, but this is what spliced barb wire looks like.                                     spliced barbwireWhile we were walking, he spotted this little nest.  It’s was like it was placed there just for us to see.                                                                                         After such a crazy busy day…it was a reminder.  A reminder to take the time to notice the little things in our day…our surroundings…our lives. What are some little things in your corner of the world?  Please leave a comment.  I would love to know! Thanks for reading, -Lori

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5 thoughts on “Finding the Little Things

  1. Michele

    No matter where life takes us, we all should stop and notice the little things. Thanks for sharing, you’re amazing people that I’m proud to have called my family. Hugs

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  2. countrylinked

    A beautiful post! Thank you for sharing and for linking up to the County Fair Blog Party.

    The grass turning green, the sounds of the birds and the frogs, how the flowers are beginning to pop up………….I could go on and on. It is the little things that make the world beautiful.



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