Saying Good-Bye to Dusty

It has been a busy week for us here at CBR!    After a wonderful time with family on Easter Sunday (see my post Celebration)we were up early Monday  morning gettin’ after it!

Bucks Dusty Danni

Bucks Dusty Danni a registered American Quarter Horse

We are getting things ready for us to take a trip to Pitzer Ranch Spring Sale with our 5 year old gelding Dusty.   We bought Dusty from the Pitzer Ranch when he was a weanling.  Since he has been on our ranch he has learned alot.  He was actually started by our young neighbor (with Jonesy’s help) when she entered a colt starting competition.  She gave him a good foundation for us to build on.   He is very laid back and sweet. Dusty has been one of my favorites from the beginning.  (Of course none of them compare to my Gunny!)  🙂

Me and Gunny

Me and Gunny

All the horses we have raised are such amazing animals and it’s so much fun to watch them grow up and learn.  We want to prepare our horses to not only be safe on the trail, but to know how to get it done in the sorting pens and so much more.

As we get things ready to go, I can’t help but wonder who will become Dusty’s new owner.  Will it be a young person wanting a 4H project?  Will it be a husband wanting a gentle horse to teach his wife to ride so they can enjoy something together?  Will it be an older person just wanting a good trail buddy?

I also feel a little sad…Dusty has been on our ranch for 5 years,  I’ve ridden him many times.  Even though we are in the business of raising, training and selling horses, it’s hard to see one go.  But, there will be others and the process will begin again.

Dusty Movie














6 thoughts on “Saying Good-Bye to Dusty

  1. countrylinked

    Always a tough thing to do, but like you said, he is going to a good home and there will be more to give your love and training too.

    Thanks for again joining the County Fair Blog Party! Always good to see you on here!
    Laurie – Country Link


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