Tuesday Tour: Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  It started on Friday with a visit to my mom that included lunch together.  I don’t get to do that very often as she lives about an hour from me.  That afternoon I hung out with my daughter,  and her and her boyfriend took me to dinner.me and hanna

On Sunday afternoon, my son and daughter-in-law cooked me lunch and we spent time at their house.  This is their fur baby Chewbacca.   Isn’t he adorable?!            baccaWhen Jonesy and I got home we went for a drive along the back roads around our neighborhood.  We haven’t done that in a long time and I’m glad I grabbed my camera.  It was an amazingly beautiful day.  This is our South 80.  I absolutely love it here!  There is just something about the view that speaks to me. We recently had 2 ponds built and are in the process of getting good fencing up so that at some point we cant turn cows into it.

Really need some rain to fill up the ponds!

Really need some rain to fill up the ponds!

For now it’s turning into a pretty good Brome field.  Brome grass is good for feeding cattle and excellent horse hay.  In a few weeks we will harvest this field into small square bales of hay and stack it in the barn.  It will not only feed our critters this winter, but we will also sell some to other farms and ranches.

Brome grass is knee high

Brome grass is knee high

Another reason I love it here!

After a little walk, Jonesy and Moe headed back to the old farm truck.


"Are you coming momma?"

“Are you coming momma?”

Happy heifers in the pasture we rent across from our south 80.  

While we were out our neighbors called to tell us their mare had her foal.  We went over to take a look and wouldn’t ya know it…my camera died!  I had to take a phone pic.denny's filly

Watching this little lady just topped off my day!  I had never seen one this new before (she was less than an hour old).  She is all legs…what a cutie!

I feel so blessed to have my kids near me, to be surrounded by such beauty and to have great neighbors!

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Mother’s Day

  1. countrylinked

    A new born foal is the sweetest of things to see! Sorry your camera died. Glad you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!

    Thank you for joining the Country Fair Blog Party!
    Laurie – Country Link



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