Tuesday Tour: Everyday Wonders

On this week’s Tuesday Tour you will get a view of the pond, the garden and the sky.  Come along, I hope you enjoy some of our everyday wonders.

Part of my morning chores now includes a short little walk down to our pond to feed the catfish.  We start feeding them every year about this time.  Just like any of our animals we want to keep them healthy.  We also enjoy fishing in the pond during the summer and a nice healthy catfish is one of Jonesy’s favorite meals!  I fill a coffee can full of fish food that we buy at the feed store and off to the pond I go.   It’s fun to watch them roll to the top of the water and skim the surface with their mouths open.  

I also love to watch the chickens walk around the yard.  They are so silly sometimesIn the garden, things look pretty good.  The lettuce and radishes are about done.  The onions are bulbing, there are a few tomatoes, and the zucchini has pretty yellow blooms.The corn and green beans however are looking pretty sad.  I don’t think I planted the corn deep enough, so there are only a few sprouts up.  The bugs are getting my green beans.  Plus, the weeds (as usual) are doing quite well.  I’ll be spending time in the garden this week.                                                                                                                                 We finally got some significant rain last night.  We got almost 2 inches and although it’s not near enough (there are big cracks in the ground), we are very thankful for it.  Before the rain came though the sky was amazing!  Jonesy and I saddled up a couple of the horses and road over to check the fall herd (and I actually remembered to take my camera!)

Jonesy on Jack

Jonesy on Jack

Thanks for coming along on this weeks Tuesday Tour.  I hope you enjoyed some of the everyday wonders down our country road.


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8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Everyday Wonders

  1. Robyn

    It is very important to take in the everyday things and appreciate them.

    The Hubby and his Cousin went fishing in our big pasture dam last Sunday and came home with bass fillets. They were delicious!

    I like to sit and watch the hens with camera in hand too. They make me laugh when I take out my “chicken bucket” of kitchen scraps, the girls come a running to greet me. Well they waddle run. My hens are crazy for watermelon rinds.

    Glad to hear most of your garden is doing well. I got mine planted 2 weeks ago and it’s looking good. I have one cucumber plant that might not make it. I think my lettuce is poking through.

    Brilliant blue skies and big puffy clouds are something to smile about. Hope you have a fabulous weekend.


  2. High Heels & Shotgun Shells

    What a neat idea. I like the virtual farm tour aspect. Thanks for linking up with County Fair Blog Party #15!



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