It’s Just a Season (Part 1): Spring

Just like there is Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in nature, there are also different seasons on the ranch.  Each one brings it’s own joys, goodness, hardships and trials.  Sometimes  The journey is sweet.  Other times it is not always pleasant, but knowing it is just a season makes it easier to get through. The next few posts, I will share with you my thoughts on the different seasons here on our ranch.  Let’s start with Spring.

My favorite thing about the spring season is new baby calves.

Spring-a time of renewal.  Everything is fresh and new…emerging from winters long slumber.  It’s such an exciting time, with baby calves being born,  turning the winter weary ground in preparation for planting a garden,  and one of Jonesy’s favorites…picking up fishing worms after it rains!  There is also a lot to be done.  The hay pastures need to be fertilized,  fences need to be built and repaired, cows need to be preg checked, vaccinated and moved to grass.  broken barbwireTractors and equipment need to be gotten ready for the next season-the season of harvesting the hay.  It’s a very busy time of year and sometimes the “to do” list never stops growing.  Our eyes are always on the sky too.  If things have been dry we hope for rain, but not so much rain that the work has to be postponed. It strikes me that in life too, there are seasons.  In each season there is good and not so good and that how I choose to respond makes all the difference.  Nature reminds me that when the hard times come to just breathe deep, and remember something fresh and new is just around the corner...It’s just a season. Be blessed, -Lori

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5 thoughts on “It’s Just a Season (Part 1): Spring

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    Hi Lori!! Thank for linking up with the Country Fair Blog Party this week! Just wanted to let you know that the 2nd part did not link correctly to the party. Would you please add the link the again. Can’t wait to see the second part!
    Laurie – Country Link



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