Tuesday Tour: Hay

It’s been kind of a crazy week here at CBR.  (That’s why I am a couple of days late on my Tuesday Tour post).  Any how, here are the highlights.

Our official, certified by the State of Missouri, brand arrived!  This is so exciting for us! Next step is to get the liquid nitrogen we need and then we will start freeze branding our horses and cattle.

I had to go rescue one of the chickens…she got herself wedged between a post and the barn wall.  She couldn’t go forward because a shovel was in the way.  She was in there pretty tight .We were finally able to get some hay down.                                                Our hay crew was able to get over 600 square bales in the barn.  They are a great group of kids…hard workers!There are several more fields that need to be cut, but for now we are waiting on the weather.  There is rain in the forecast for the next several days.

The garden is doing well.  Still trying to get the weeds under control.  We did get our first zucchini…can’t wait to fry this little guy up! Hope everyone is having a blessed week!




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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Hay

  1. countrylinked

    Did I read this right Lori? You are in Missouri? How did I miss that?!?!

    We too have a hay crew to pick of bales. It is mainly me, my dad, my husband and the hired man. This year our son has also joined in that he is the driver. 🙂

    Thank you for joining the Country Fair Blog Party this week and for using the button! It looks great!
    Laurie – Country Link



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