Tuesday Tour: Satisfied

Hay season is definitely in full swing here at CBR!  We have several fields cut and in the barn.  There are several more fields that need to be cut, but we have had some rain so things need to dry out a bit before any more can be done.  Plus the forecast needs to be clear for several days in a row.

Some of the hay gets stored in the loft of one of the barns.  The ranch hands are thankful for this nifty elevator to get it up to them.

Justice waiting on bales of hay to come up to the loft

I have such a sense of accomplishment when I look at those bales going in the barn.  I baled a little last summer, but so far this year I’ve done alot more of it.  Knowing that I am contributing to our little ranch in a hands on way makes me very satisfied and happy.  However, Jonesy has yet to turn me lose on the big round baler…lol

While we are waiting on the weather to cooperate, (not that I am complaining about the rain), there is plenty of other things to get done.

We have electricity to the small barn, but the line was overhead (until someone hit it with the bucket of the tractor last winter…ahem…) anyway, Jonesy decided it would be best to run it under ground.  I must say I agreed!  So, a ditch needed to be dug.


I checked the fruit trees and am pleased to see beautiful apples and pears.  Last year we got over 70 pounds of pears off of one tree!  70 pounds!   
Today the youngest of my 3 brothers is coming to the ranch. (I have 3 older brothers).  He is bringing his daughter and grandchildren who are here from Colorado.  Looking forward to their visit.  I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it in next weeks Tuesday Tour.

In the mean time, you can read more about hay season here crookedbrandranch.com/2014/06/15/it’s-just-a-season-part-2-summer

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Satisfied

  1. weaverofgrass.blogspot.com

    Hi – I have just come over from Barbara’s blog (Homestead Hill Farm) after reading about your hay crop! We farm in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK – all grass – we are retired but take in sheep (Swaledales) and cattle (various) in Summer and winter. We winter-house a Holstein herd of dry cows in calf for our friend and neighbour. We are desperately trying to make hay – and the farmer has it to make for various other folk, but we rarely get more than two days of find weather at the moment. Our own ‘hay’ had to end up as haylage as just before it was dry the rain threatened. Do pop over and see me – I shall put you on my blog list.



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