Tuesday Tour

blog buttonAs I mentioned on last weeks Tuesday Tour:Satisfied, one of my brothers came out to the ranch with his daughter and grand kids who were visiting from Colorado.  They wanted to ride horses.  I am so thankful to be able to have been able to do this for them!  Hopefully they will have some good memories of their experience at CBR. Even my brother got on my horse!  I think he enjoyed it!   The garden is doing well.The blackberry bushes are looking good too.The only problem is the zucchini plants…I only planted 2, and lost them both.  Some little beetle bug got them.  All you gardeners out there…any tips are welcome.

We also put up alot of hay on the 4th of July.  Over 1200 bales.  This week we are just waiting for several days in a row without a chance of rain to lay more hay down.

I want to thank you again for reading my blog.  I also want to remind you that CBR is on Facebook and Pinterest.  Please take a moment to like and follow us on those social media avenues.

Be blessed,


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