Tuesday Tour: Ain’t They Purdy?

Once in awhile after my chores are done, I jump in the truck and go with Jonesy while he does his.  I got to do that one day last week.  I hadn’t seen this group of cows for awhile…ain’t they purdy!197

One of the things we like about the Saler/Angus breed is how docile they are.

Bull JohnCoffey getting his back scratched

Bull JohnCoffey getting his back scratched

A couple of the kids that help us out here on the ranch and I picked green beans for the first time this year.  These are probably some of the best beans I’ve had.  We got a full bushel…that’s alot of beans!                                                                       191Of course, after they were snapped and washed it was time to put them in jars.  It’s been several years since I have done any canning.  When I was working full time in the city, I just didn’t have time (or interest) in gardening and canning.  (You can read more about that here: From Desk Job to Shoveling Horse Poo).  Even though the picking part wasn’t my favorite (I really hate to pick green beans), I really enjoyed the process of canning them. Or as my mother-in-law (who taught me how to can) would have said “putting them up”.Ain’t they purdy?…lol  Seeing the finished product just makes me happy.  And that little “ping” they make after they come out of the canner is music to my ears!  🙂

We were able to get in a ride over the weekend.  It was pretty hot, but a good ride with great friends.  I’ll leave you with some of the pictures I took.  (Ain’t they purdy?)

As always, I appreciate your reading and your comments make my day!

Be blessed,


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