Tuesday Tour: HOT

After a little over a week of a very nice cool down, we are now back into the oven.  Blah!  It’s HOT!  The heat index is 107*.

We did get a lot of hay put up during the cool down.  There is over 4,000 bales in the barn.  One is completely full.   We are hoping to get at least that much more before hay season is over.  They are calling for rain, so the hay crew is getting a little break.  They are some hardworking kids and we are thankful to have them.


CBR Hay Crew

CBR Hay Crew

On Friday we all took a break and went to the Ray County Fair and participated in the 4H Raceo.  That was my first time riding in something like that.  (And boy, could ya tell it!  lol)  But I had a blast!  Can’t wait until we get time to practice in our arena and try another fun show!Crooked Brand Ranch


I’m looking forward to a little rain.  Maybe I can get stuff caught up in the house.  Maybe…

Ya’ll take care!

Be blessed,


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