10 Signs of Hay Season

Well, if you are keeping up with my blog you know that we are in the midst of getting our hay put up.  The signs are everywhere.  So, I thought I would give you a  list of 10 signs that hay season is in full swing.  (In no particular order.)square bales

1.  When you take your clothes off at night and you leave behind a little pile of hay.

2.  There is as much hay in the lint filter of the dryer as there is lint.  (Assuming you get time to actually do laundry.)

3.  You eat at least 2 out of 3 meals in the tractor. (If you eat at all)me on tractor

4.  At night all you want to do is shower and fall into bed.  (NEVER skip the shower!)

5.  You can’t remember the last time you shaved your legs.

6.  When you blow your nose it looks like mud.  (I know…TMI)

7.  You toss bales in your sleep.  (So I’ve been told…I have not experienced this myself)

8.  You have a farmers tan and the parts that are not tan are scary white.

9.  It starts getting late and the hay crew starts laughing and singing and getting down right silly.

10.  You feel a sense of accomplishment that only working hard brings when you see the barns bursting with hay. blog buttonfrom the farm bloghophomeacre blogcountryfair_button_zps7427c677


18 thoughts on “10 Signs of Hay Season

  1. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com

    Now lissen, you gotta learn how to spell clothes. I think you KNOW, you are just too tired to think straight. I’ll bet if you skipped that shower, you’d itch all night. And #6 happens to any gardener. I wanna know who’s preparing those 2 meals you are eating in the tractor. I also wanna know why Jonesey needs THAT much hay in the barn. Will his animals eat it all up over the winter?


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      lol oh my gosh! I am so embarrassed. I do know how to spell clothes! You are right about #6. We put that much hay in the barn to not only feed our own animals, but we have clients that buy our hay giving us an added source of income.


      1. Marla aka Crazy Mom

        Southern Rural Route’s comments always make me laugh! She doesn’t miss a thing!! 🙂 Her questions are so wonderful, because they make me realize little facts I take for granted aren’t known by others – making our blog-writing even more educational!


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      Thank you. Usually the crew brings their own lunch and Jonesy and I just grab a sandwich and eat in the tractor or whenever we can. I’m trying to get better about having easy to grab stuff already made up. But, once in a while if I am done baling and the crew is still getting the hay out of the field I will throw burgers on the grill or we will start up the fire pit. Depending on when the hay is ready, I will do breakfast. Usually pancakes or biscuits and gravy from scratch. Thanks for the question.


      1. crookedbrandranch Post author

        This hay is mostly clover mix and brome. We are getting $4.50 a bale. Last year and the year before it was up around $6-8 because the hay was not as good due to drought conditions. Things are much better this year. Thankfully.


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