Tuesday Tour: It’ll Be There

031  I love this picture of the sky!  Have you ever seen anything like it?

Last week we moved calves from the pasture we rent that is across from our home place so they just had to cross the road.  Because they are used to being moved it all went very well.

Today the steers were separated from the heifers.  We loaded them up to take to market to be sold tomorrow.

I’ve done more canning this week.  In fact, I’ve canned the last 2 days in a row.  Yesterday I put up 21 quarts of pickles.

035 Today was tomato day.  I got 32 pints from these beautiful veggies…or fruit…????? 036tomatoI really enjoy canning.  For one thing, I know we will enjoy the freshness of summer’s harvest in the middle of winter.  Also, it makes me think about my mother-in-law.  She is the one that taught me to can when I was just barley 20.  We lost her about 18 years ago and I really miss her.  I am so glad she took the time to teach me this valuable skill.  I hope to be able to get my daughter and daughter-in-law out here and pass it along to them. The thing I don’t enjoy about canning is the fact that I get nothing else done!  I tend to stress about this, but I can almost here my mother-in-law’s voice saying…”Oh Sis…don’t worry…it’ll be there”.

Hay season seems to  be never ending.  The equipment that was broke down last week is repaired and running.   But there has been new break downs.  The arm of this rake broke.042

After some torching, pounding and welding Jonesy got it functioning again so our ranch hand Kate could get to raking.  The field we are doing now will be baled up in big round bales.044

A couple of the horses got their feet trimmed and some new shoes.

Filing the hoof

Filing the hoof

Bottom of horse hoof

Bottom of horse hoof

My horse Gunny is such a gentleman.  He stands so well…kinda looks like he is enjoying his “pedi”.  

Thanks for coming on this weeks Tuesday Tour.   Be sure to check out our Facebook page for daily happenings.  We are also playing around with Pinterest.  Here are the links:



Here is one final picture from this week.


Be Blessed,


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