Tuesday Tour: Quiet Week (Mostly)

As I mentioned in last week’s Tuesday Tour post, we took some steers to market on Wednesday.  It was kinda rainy so after the cattle sold Jonesy and I decided to take the day off and go on a date!  🙂  It’s nice to get away from the happenings of the ranch once in a while.  We went to a movie and then dinner.10338811_10204495085844311_7751643948781754438_n

Thursday was kinda crazy! We had a first time heifer trying to have a  calf and she looked to be having trouble.in These heifers aren’t supposed to start calving until the first week in September so we were concerned. We thought we were going to have to help her have it and called a friend to come help.  By the time we all got back to her she had had it on her own.  Unfortunately because it was premature it didn’t make it.

Later that afternoon Jonesy went to get Tank (one of the bulls) out of the spring herd.  Since our bulls are so docile, all he had to do was shake a feed bucket in the trailer and Tank walked right in.  Meanwhile, the cows noticed that Jonesy was occupied, the gate  was open and there was a lovely Brome field right across the road! A second growth on a Brome field is like cow candy.  It was a race and you guessed it…the girls won.  About 15 of them along with a couple of calves decided to party in that Brome field.   Jonesy tried calling them back across with a bucket of feed and a couple of them raised their heads as if to say “Really dude…?”  then dropped their heads right back down into the grass. It was time to call for back up.  Friends showed up  with their horses and long story short all the cows were back into the right field in no time.bunch of horses

We are very thankful for friends who stop what they are doing and come help at a moments notice both with the heifer that morning and the cows getting out in the afternoon.

Other than that it’s been pretty quiet around here.  Due to the off and on rain we haven’t been able to get back into the hay fields.  We should get some real nice second cuttings when we do.

I’m still canning the garden goodies.  Our garden has been such a blessing this year!  I don’t remember when it’s been this good.

This week we will be taking two of the horses (Kat and Leo) to the Missouri State Fair to compete in the ranch sorting event.  I can’t wait to tell you all about that in next weeks Tuesday Tour.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures of my ducks.  Flip is the dark one Flop the lighter one.  They have gotten to where they hang out by the house.  Silly ducks!

Flip and Flop

Flip and Flop

Flip and Flop napping.

Flip and Flop napping.

Have a great week!


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Quiet Week (Mostly)

  1. Kim's County Line

    Good luck at the fair! I definitely know what you’re talking about with your bovine escapees. Cattle invariably want to test the theory, “The grass is greener on the other side of the fence.” Good neighbors definitely are a blessing!



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