Ranch Sorting Explained

If you are following the Facebook page I have for our ranch (Crooked Brand Ranch) then you know Jonesy and I went to the Missouri State this week.  We took 2 of the horses to compete in the ranch sorting event.  Both horses did pretty well.  This video is of Kat.

Ranch sorting is an equine sport in which a two man team sort cattle from one pen to another in 60 seconds or less.   The there are 10 calves numbered 0-9 and must be sorted numerically when the judge calls a random number.Snapshot 2 (8-16-2014 2-37 PM)

If any of the calves go through out of order, the team will receive a “no time”.    The team with the most calves sorted in the fastest time wins the event.

Kat and Jonesy placed first and second in the class they competed in on the first day of the event.  On the second day, Leo placed third.  Here is Leo sorting.

Kat and Leo are both 6 year olds and are really coming along in the sorting arena.  All of our horses will be exposed to this environment as well as many other forms of training in order that we may produce well rounded performance horses.

As always, thanks for reading!


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8 thoughts on “Ranch Sorting Explained

  1. Jodi

    Emma’s horse has cow breeding, we keep laughing about taking her in to the dry cow pasture to see if she knows anything. I think it’s so neat watching horses work like this!



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