Tuesday Tour: Time Out

Monday morning we awoke to a beautiful foggy morning.  So glad I didn’t have to travel in it.  This time last year I would have had to make a 45 minute drive to work in it.  This year all I had to do was take time out to grab my camera and captured this picture. 

Last Wednesday and Thursday we took time out to go to the Missouri State Fair.  It was a quick but fun trip.  The two horses we took did well in the ranch sorting event.  Learn about ranch sorting here.Snapshot 2 (8-16-2014 2-37 PM)Of course, when we got home there was work to be done.

First thing was to move the first year heifers from one of the rental properties to the home place.  They are due to start calving the first week of September and if they are here it is easier to keep an eye on them should they have any trouble calving.

These are some pretty girls!

These are some pretty girls!

Tank was a couple of fences away from them, but he still said hello every now and again.tankThere was also big round bales of hay to stack.   Jonesy and I worked together to get one of the fields done.  He used the one ton farm truck with hay bed and I was in one of the tractors.  

The old farm truck needed some repairs.  So on the rainy days Jonesy worked on it while I canned more pickles.The ducks are always entertaining.  One morning Jonesy caught them in the bucket of one of the tractors and took time out to text me a picture.

Flip and Flop

Flip and Flop

This week we hope to get some second cuttings from some of the pastures.  I’m sure there will be more canning and gardening.  I’ll keep ya posted.  🙂

Even though we took time out and had a couple of day away from the ranch, it’s never far from our minds.   We are always planning and thinking about what needs to get done.  But, one thing we have learned is that if the opportunity to play comes along its important to take advantage of it.   Sometimes ya gotta take time out and  make those memories.

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Time Out

  1. Pat Thistlethwaite

    Your way of farm life is so different from ours over here – yet we have one thing in common – I do agree about taking time out now and again. We took time out to go to our local Agricultural Show (well the farmer did) – do pop over and look at it; it couldn’t be more different from yours.
    Love Tank – he is a big boy isn’t he?



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