Tuesday Tour: Never Ending

It was HOT this last week…miserably hot!  We are supposed to cool down a little bit though.  (Thank goodness!)

We put up over 1,000 more square bales in that heat.  The square baler started breaking a lot of bales and upon inspection, there was some gizmo that was not working right and needs to be replaced.  The part is ordered and should be here in plenty of time to do the last couple of fields.   Hay season seems never ending.156

I did more canning.  Canning and gardening also seems to be never ending.  I  think could can in my sleep!  lol  But, when I look at these shelves I feel really good!I still have more to do too.  I want to get a few more pickles, tomatoes and salsa.  Maybe try some pasta sauce.   I am very grateful for a bountiful garden!

The critters are moving around this time of year.  We have seen skunks and raccoons around.  Moe the ranch dog “treed” a coon this morning under a trailer and made quite a ruckus!  Glad it wasn’t  a skunk though!  Whew!  or should I say Pew!

He was after a mouse this afternoon.  It found refuge in the tread of a tractor tire, but Moe doesn’t give up easily.This time of year is also allergy season for me.  Some days I am just one big sneeze!  On those day it seems never ending!  The main culprit is this nasty  evil weed.



Not the best pictures, but believe me…it’s everywhere!

Our stud colt Jack is not feeling well either.  He is our 3 year old that we started training earlier this year.  Jonesy found a puncture wound on the right side of his neck that is infected.  Poor horse wont turn his head to that side.  We cleaned it up with the hose and he seemed to enjoy the water so much we ran it over his whole body.  He sighed several times…poor guy.  We put some liniment on the wound and gave him a shot of penicillin.  I will post daily updates on our Facebook page.  www.facebook.com/CrookedBrandRanch

Hope all is well with all of you!

Thanks for reading!


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