Tuesday Tour: Jack, Little Man and Salsa

Last week I told you about our 3 year old horse Jack who wasn’t feeling good.  After consulting with the vet the official diagnosis was tetanus.  We think he must have rolled over the nail Jonesy found in his main causing the puncture wound.  It was badly infected causing Jack to have a stiff neck and swelling in his face especially his eyes.  We had to put him in a stall by himself and keep it as cool and dark as possible.  We gave him a shot of anti-tetanus toxin and he gets a shot of penicillin each day.  The wound has to be irrigate with a mixture of Peroxide and penicillin.  The wound has actually healed nicely, but Jack is still pretty stiff.

Wound on day one

Wound on day one

Wound on day 1

Wound on day 4

Today the wound is completely  closed.  He seems to feel some better each day, but it’s hard for me not to worry about him.  I wish the progress were much faster.  It is very hard to see him like this.  The encouraging news is that the vet thinks he will make a 100% recovery with no residual effects due to the fact that we caught it early.

The first fall calf was born on Wednesday.  As of now there are 5 calves on the ground.  Four of them bulls and one heifer.  036

One of the mama’s doesn’t seem to want to pass her afterbirth, so again the vet was consulted.  She now is on penicillin too, along with a medication to help the uterus shrink and shed the placenta.

Another mama is not real sure about the little critter that wants to get up close and personal.  Every time he trys to eat she kicks him…hard.  This is not uncommon for a first time heifer.  The poor little guy was pretty weak and so Jonesy put him in the cab of the farm truck and brought him home.  I’ll be his mama now.  🙂

Isn’t he cute!  I am calling him Little Man and will feed him with a bottle morning and night.  The milk is a little like formula for a baby.

The garden is just about done.  Maybe someday I will plant a fall garden, but not this year.  I canned salsa using 100 pounds of tomatoes.



This big ole pot yielded 19 quarts.  It smelled amazing in here!

That’s it for this week…thanks for coming along!

Be blessed,


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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Jack, Little Man and Salsa

  1. Kim

    I love calving time. The cuteness quotient on the farm definitely goes way up, doesn’t it? I hope Jack continues to improve. I can’t believe you filled the pot that full and didn’t end up with a mess! I definitely would have!


  2. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com

    Okay, here I go with the stupid questions. Why do some first-time heifers not want anything to do with their offspring? If ya’ll allow her to abandon her responsibilities, when will she ever get the hang of mother? And, yeah, you can bottle feed Little Man but what is he missing out on that an engaged mother would naturally instill? Anxious for Jack’s full recovery! I did not have a good spring garden due to rain so I am looking forward to a fall garden.


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      I don’t know why first time heifers behave this way. We have a “two strikes you’re out” policy. If they don’t accept the second calf, then they “go to town”. I’m sure the calf misses out on things only mama can provide, but we have raised many calves over the years and they always do fine. In fact our heifer bull, JohnCoffey, was a bottle calf. These are great questions!
      Good luck with your fall garden. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person


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