Tuesday Tour: Beauty and Peace in Rough Times

Sometimes when I begin the process of writing my Tuesday Tour post for the week I find myself having trouble remembering just what exactly has happen in the last 7 days.   Since I try to post to the Crooked Brand Ranch Facebook page daily I will very often go there and look back at those posts.  As I did that just now, I asked myself “Did that happen a whole week ago?”!

The fall herd is still having calves.  We had 2 first time heifers last week that didn’t pass their placenta (after birth).  If a cow doesn’t pass the after birth with in about 48 hours or so other complications can occur such as infection.  We got both girls on antibiotics and a shot to help them pass it, but one of the heifers didn’t make it.  So in addition to Little Man we acquired another bottle calf.  I named this one Tuff.



Little Man

Little Man

I love bottle calves, but wasn’t thrilled by the idea of raising 2.  Plus, they are bringing good money right now.  I placed an ad and sold them both the next day.  Meanwhile the other heifer and her baby are doing well.

On to Jack…remember him?  Jack is slowly but surely getting better.  We added Bute to his meds.  (Bute helps with swelling and inflammation).  We are still keeping him in a stall during the day, and at night letting him out to graze.  He is now able to reach the grass without too much problem.047

Ranch dog Moe watching over Jack

Ranch dog Moe watching over Jack

The skies were amazing this week, reminding me that even though we’ve had a rough time lately with the critters around here, there is always beauty to be seen.  I find peace in that.   I’ll leave you with some of that beauty that surrounds this piece of land we call CBR.025

030Thanks for reading,


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7 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Beauty and Peace in Rough Times

  1. Kim

    I can definitely relate to your message of finding the beauty in the midst of trouble. Last night, the combine broke down as we were nearing the end of our corn harvest. It was frustrating because we knew that rain was likely coming with the cold front. But, I had to admire the stormy sky, which provided a literal “silver lining” as the sun set. Of course, I wasn’t the one scraping my knuckles as I tried to wrestle with the part either. 🙂 Glad to hear Jack is doing better.


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      I know. She was a beautiful heifer. That is one of the hard parts of having them in an open pasture. It’s hard to get them up into an area where they can be tended to. By the time we got her up the infection was too far gone.


  2. Pat Thistlethwaite

    Sorry about that heifer, but do agree about bottle fed calves – they become so demanding. Of course before foot and mouth wiped us out of dairy, we took all our calves off their mothers at birth and bottle fed them all. But we had special feeders with teats and they quickly learned to feed themselves. But I did once rescue a lamb which was near to death and I bottle fed that in a cattle stall near to the kitchen door. Before a week was out it would hear me open the back door and begin calling for me. I was very happy when it was weaned.



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