Music of Crooked Brand Ranch

Close your eyes…


What do you hear?

How often do we slow down enough to hear the sounds around us?  I love the sounds I hear on our ranch.  Some of them comfort and are peaceful, some excite and make me smile, while others cause concern.  Wrap them all together and they make up the music of CBR.

Here are some of my favorites:

A tractor firing up and shifting gears.7410 John Deere

The clip clop of horses hooves.017

Cows grazing peacefully in the grass.024

Voices of kids in the barn unloading hay.

CBR 2014 Hay Crew

CBR 2014 Hay Crew

Horses whinnying across the fence at each other.012

A soft gentle breeze blowing through the tree outside my bedroom window.014

The humming of the wings of humming birds.027

This is the music of CBR.

Close your eyes…


What does your music sound like?blog buttonfarmgirlfridayPinterestChick75x78_zps4a0484b0downhome blog hopcountryfair_button_zps7427c677PinterestChick75x78_zps4a0484b0


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