Tuesday Tour: Change


The weather has begun to change here at CBR as I am sure it has for you too.  Fall is probably my favorite time of year, and while I am enjoying the cool down I can’t help but to think of the winter ahead.  I’ve been hearing predictions of bitter cold temps again this year.  One good change from last year is I won’t have to get out and drive to a J O B!  (Have you read this: From Desk Job to Shoveling Horse Poo)

The fall herd of cows is still calving.  This means twice (at least) daily checks on horse back.  I went with Jonesy on Sunday to ride through the herd.  We have 21 babies on the ground right now, but that number changes each day.009011After checking the cows we decided to load up and go to the Bonanza Conservation area to ride.  It’s about a 30 minute drive from the ranch and  the weather was perfect for riding. The trails at Bonanza are very nice and it is one of my favorite places to ride. Because we are in the business of raising and training horses, Jonesy changes which one he takes almost every time he rides which, keeps each one tuned up and performing well.  This time he took Kat and I of course took my Gunny.





If you think these two ponies look a lot alike, you would be right!  They are half brothers (same daddy).

I’m sure this week will bring more changes our way, isn’t that just how life is?

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Change

  1. Kim

    I liked the cooler temperatures last week, but we are back to warmer weather. Still, overnight temps are down, which is nice, especially on walks outside in the AMs. We had a small fall calving herd for awhile, but when we lost a pasture, we switched totally to winter calving. I love seeing the baby calves! Thanks for giving me a peek.


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      We have some that calve in the spring, usually starting in March. We used to start in late January/February, but we found it’s too hard on mamma’s and babies both. Thanks for stopping by!



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