Tuesday Tour: NOW and THEN


My garden is pretty much done.  Last week I canned the last batch of tomatoes.  There are a few left that we can eat, but no more canning. We picked the banana peppers and the bell peppers and pulled the plants.  I spent part of an afternoon chopping and freezing them. 003After the peppers are chopped, I put them on a cookie sheet and set in the freezer for about 15 minutes or so.  Then they are put into freezer bags.

I enjoy grabbing a handful during the winter and throwing them in soups, spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, and even scrambled eggs.  They add a wonderful flavor as well as color.

A lot of work goes into gardening and canning NOW,  but when winter comes THEN all that hard work will pay off.  (Not to mention be delicious.)

Jonesy and I also celebrated our 28th wedding anniversary last week.





There has been good, bad, and some ugly in the last 28 years, but I must say I love this man.  🙂

Over the weekend, we went to a family fish fry at Jonesy’s dads.  Jonesy’s brother and his wife introduced me to deep-fried green beans.  011013I was unsure, but i tried them….YUM!  NOW our green beans have been done for some time, but next summer I will definitely deep fry some…THEN.

My father-in-law enjoys finding treasures at auctions and swap shops.  This antique lawn mower is one of his latest finds.  THEN it was one of the first motorized lawn mowers ever made.  NOW it is on display in the yard.006We also made an impromptu trip way out in Kansas to deliver a tractor we sold.  It was a nice little overnight get away.  The morning we headed home the sky was gorgeous! 015


As I write this post I think of the hard work of the summer and the rewards it has and will bring.  I think about how trying new, things, going new places, hanging out with familiar people and meeting new folks, and taking in a sunrise, are all things we should do every  NOW and THEN.

Be Blessed,


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