Tuesday Tour: September 9, 2014

We are almost completely through fall calving season.  There have been a couple of “bumps” in the road,  but all in all every thing is going well.  I am so thankful, and the calves are so darn cute!008003Over the weekend, a couple of the horses participated in a fun show.

We got to go to one of my favorite places to ride on Sunday.034035


Our son and daughter-in-law came out for dinner.  Jonesy’s dad gave us some catfish, so we fried it up and added homemade fries, fresh canned green beans,  tomatoes from the garden, and cornbread.  (Cheesecake for desert).

Jonesy frying up catfish

Jonesy frying up catfish

011012The best part of the whole night,  (besides my kids being here) was sitting by the fire pit.016013This week is going to be a busy one.  We are getting things arranged so that we can work cattle.  On  Friday we will be vaccinating, preg checking, and freeze branding cows and horses.   Hopefully I will have some good pictures to share with you.

Meanwhile, I hope all is well with you!

Be Blessed,


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3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: September 9, 2014

  1. Kim

    Hope all goes well with the cattle work! We are busy planting wheat. I’ve been taking meals to the field and hauling fertilizer from the co-op, in addition to my “normal” stuff this week. Never a dull moment! Does it keep us young? I’m not so sure about that! I’m looking forward to our daughter’s family coming home for Oktoberfest this weekend. My husband has a 40th class reunion and our daughter has a 10th. Randy’s sister is celebrating her 30th class reunion. I told them that we were just missing the 20th in our family. Have a good rest of your week!



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