Tuesday Tour: Elephants…Highlight of the Week


That pretty much sums up the last 7 days for Jonesy and I.  He came down with it first, then shared the fun with me…what a sweetie.  NOT!  Finally, today, we are both fever free.  The coughing, hacking and grumpiness are probably going to be with us a while longer I’m afraid.

Meanwhile I am soooo far behind on everything, including my weekly Tuesday Tour post.  So I’ll attempt to catch ya’ll up on what else is going on here at CBR.

One of the projects completed was this waterer that was put in on our South 80.watererI know, this just looks like a big ole tractor tire, but look…

top of waterer

It’s actually an old combine tire that we recycled to use as a cattle waterer.   The Tide jug serves as a float.



This is how it was done.

A trench was dug below the pond and approximately 200 feet of pipe hooked into the water line coming out of the pond and into the tire with a float valve.  The bottom of the tire was sealed with concrete, and the valve turned on and there ya have it…water for the cows without them getting into the pond and yucking it up.

back of pondS. 80 pondAnother waterer of a different type is currently going in at the home place.  More on that next week.

I also celebrated a birthday on the 14th.  Jonesy took me out for lobster…one of my favs!

My best friend of 28 years took me out to lunch.  We don’t get to spend near enough time together lately, so it was a really good day.

Me and my Bestie

Me and my Bestie

The circus was in Kansas City last week, and we were privileged to be called on to supply the hay for they elephants.  This was very exciting and truly the highlight of the week!   Unfortunately I was too sick to go…:'(  But Girl Friday had a good time!elephant1elephant2The strings that you see in the picture are just that…strings.  That’s all that is keeping these two big guys in.  An interesting fact,   one elephant will eat 2-3 square bales a day in addition to 16 pounds of sweet feed.

I hope this week of Thanksgiving finds all of you well.

Thanks for reading.

Be blessed,

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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Elephants…Highlight of the Week

  1. Kathy

    That is really cool that you got to supply the feed! Who would have thought a string would hold them in but I assume the feel something on their legs and it stops them.



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