3 Types of Cattle Operations

Raising cattle is a unique process that involves several different types of operations.  The same rancher usually doesn’t have the animal from start to finish.  Just like the different aspects of most products, someone starts, another adds to and yet another finishes the production.  Each step is a vital part of a quality product.  It is very important to each caregiver to provide the best care possible to the animal welfare.  The occasional video you may see where livestock is being abused is NOT the norm.  After all, the bottom line for the cattle producer is at stake here.  It simply would not pay to abuse the animal.

The three basic steps to get our beef to your table are;

1. Cow/Calf operations009

2.  Backgrounders

3. Feed lots

We at CBR are basically a cow/calf operation, which means we keep a permanent herd of cows that produces a calf crop to be sold at a later date.  We also keep 2 or 3 herd bulls for optimal breeding.  Once the calves are weaned at about 8-10 months old,  they move on to the second type of operation.tank

Backgrounding is a between stage where weaned cattle are “grown” by  giving a  feed regime (turned into a pasture, high quality hay along with grains) to help increase weight and to build up immunity to disease before moving to the third stage of a feedlot.  Some operations specialize in this stage, and here at CBR we will occasionally background our calves.

Feedlots are where the animal is “finished”.  The cattle are fed specialized feed rations that consist of high protein, vitamins and minerals.  Once the animal is at the desired weight it then goes to be processed.

Each step in the process is performed by conscientious, caring ranchers.  They check their herd daily to make sure there are no illness or injuries.  They enjoy spending time with their cattle and  work hard to provide quality wholesome beef to feed the world.jonesy and bull

Hopefully this will give you a better idea of what goes into producing the next juicy steak or hamburger you enjoy.

Thanks for reading,

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6 thoughts on “3 Types of Cattle Operations

  1. Mindie

    I truly believe the one rare bad “egg” video is such a shame, because the majority of cattlemen are wonderful folks. Why would you do anything but have your livestock’s best interest at heart when they are your livelihood! I think this post is a great, simple breakdown for folks so they understand the basics of how it all goes. Thanks for sharing on the (mis)Adventures Mondays Blog Hop.

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