Tuesday Tour: Bovine Breakfast


This past week was another fairly quiet one.  I did go with Jonesy one morning to do morning chores.  I like to call it Breakfast for Bovines.  🙂

Right now we are feeding our herd a 12% protein and corn ration, along with good quality mixed clover hay.putting out hayThe arms on the hay bed are hydraulic and controlled from inside the cab of the truck.haybedcontrols collegeBefore the bale is sat out, the net wrap covering the bale needs to be cut off so the cows can get to it.  It’s very important to cut it all off and dispose of every bit of it.  If any is left in the field, it can get tangled around their legs and also can damage hay equipment the next hay seasonnet wrap

After head butting a bale of hay Tank is enjoying his breakfast.

After head butting a bale of hay our herd bull Tank is enjoying his breakfast.

We introduces the calves to creep feeders.  These are used to give the calves a safe, secure place that only they can get to.  This keeps them from having to compete with the larger cows for food.  The feed in the feeder supplies an extra boost of nutrition apart from momma’s milk and they have access to it anytime.  (Not just breakfast)calvescreep feederEven though it was a mild week here, we didn’t see the sun much at all.  The ducks and chickens enjoyed the warm temps.

Are you talkin' to me?

Excuse me…where’s my breakfast?

Flip and Flo enjoying a morning swim.

Flip and Flo enjoying a morning swim.

It’s a lot cooler here today and the wind is brutal.  We are supposed to get some snow this week too.  Winter is back, but I guess it is December.  I think a white Christmas would be nice.

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As always thanks for reading.

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