Christmas: Then, Now, Someday

One of the things my family enjoys this time of year is homemade bread.  The “recipe” was handed down from Jonesy’s great grandma and his mom taught me how to put it all together not long after Jonesy and I were married.  As I mixed up a batch this morning I couldn’t help but think about these two women and my dad who all will spend this Christmas in heaven.  While I am very thankful for that, I wish I could have had them longer.

Naturally, my thoughts turned to Christmases past.  One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid was helping my dad wrap  my moms wrapping gifts  My dad was always a jolly kind of guy and he was a very good wrapper (something I did not inherit).  There was always such excitement in the air.  My older brothers (read about them here) and their families would come over on Christmas Eve.  There would be eating, laughing, and gift opening.

When my kids were little I would stay up late on Christmas Eve and put the presents around the tree.  Jonesy would get up early and turn the Christmas lights on, the come back to bed pretending to still be asleep.  The kids would eventually come get us up saying that Santa had come.  Over steaming cups of coffee we would watch the kids open their presents, always wishing we could have done more.  After a quick breakfast we would all get ready to go have Christmas at Jonesy’s family.

Christmas 1992

Christmas 1992

Again, there would be eating, laughing and gift opening.  At the time, I never thought that Christmas would ever be any different.

These days I look at the holiday season differently.  With two grown children Christmas looks and feels different.  It can be tricky coordinating between the other families (my oldest is married) and work schedules.  Gone are the days of decorating the tree as a tree It will just be the 5 of us this year and I am very blessed and thankful to have my kids around me.

Someday I hope to have grandbabies running around with all the noise, hustle and bustle that will come with that.  🙂

Whether my thoughts are on past, present or future Christmases, I alway remember what this special day is really all about.  Please enjoy this wonderful video that explains it all.

Be Blessed,

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4 thoughts on “Christmas: Then, Now, Someday

  1. Pat Thistlethwaite

    Lori, this was a lovely post (that bread looks delicious by the way). I think most of us have similar memories. We have to remember that nothing lasts for ever (hard to do this until we have lost it) but also remember that your own children will have their memories of how it was for them when they were little. A happy Christmas to you all.


  2. J. Rhoades

    Thanks so much for coming by and linking up with the Country Fair Blog Party! This is such a sweet post, I bet your kids have some really great memories as well and you have great family traditions!

    Liked by 1 person


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