Tuesday Tour: What It Looks Like

tree in creekI’ve got a bad habit of leaving my camera behind when I walk out the door.  Mind you, I’m not a photographer like my daughter-in-law.  If you check out her blog: Lauren Jones Photography

, you will see what good photo’s look like.   Well, today was one of those days I didn’t take my camera, so most of the pictures on today’s blog were taken with my phone…sigh…

It’s still cold here at CBR, in fact it was so cold Jonesy asked if I minded if he brought the chainsaw in the house to sharpen it.  Sure, no problem I said.  A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and this is what I found…sharpen chainsaw

lol…I just had to laugh.  Actually it’s not the first time he’s brought stuff in the house.  There has been carburetors, saddles…anyway…

Even though it’s been so cold, my 9 hens are still giving us about 3-5 eggs a day.  Let me tell ya, what they are lacking in quantity they are making up for in size!  eggs

That is what large eggs look like!  I can’t even close the lid on the carton!

This is what 300 square bales of hay looks like.


load of hay

The trailer was loaded on Saturday and the hay was delivered on Monday.





I had lunch with my mom on Saturday too.  This is her very first selfie!mom's selfie







Today I went with Jonesy to our south 80 and helped him clear and burn a little brush.

brush firsThis is when I really wished i had my camera with me.  It was so peaceful in the woods.  We too a walk and did a little dreaming.  A couple of times we just stopped and listened.



I was amazed to see this little patch of green in the otherwise brown landscape of January.  grassThis is what the promise of spring looks like.

Here are a few more pictures from our walk.creek in woods creek in woods2cow in woods Hope all is well and warm with all of you.

Be Blessed,

-Lorihomeacre blogblog buttonfarmgirlfriday


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: What It Looks Like

  1. homesteadhillfarm

    I like your Tuesday Tours, Lori! It’s so cool to virtually visit other operations so very different from our own. (except for the chainsaw in the kitchen…lol)
    I checked it out, your daughter-in-law does some beautiful work. You must be proud of your kids.
    I’m SO glad you shared that sign of spring! I haven’t seen any (haven’t really looked) but, I always spend winter dreaming of Spring!
    Have a wonderful, warm day.
    P.S. Those three hundred bales of hay are beautiful! Do you deliver? LOL


    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      Thank you Barbara, that means alot. Actually you are the one who inspired me to do the Tuesday Tour with your Sunday Walk About. I love learning from you and other bloggers.
      Thanks for checking out Lauren’s blog. I am very proud of her, my son and my daughter (who inspired me to start blogging).
      We do deliver…for a fee…lol
      Thanks so much for your support here and on the Facebook page.
      Have a great day!


  2. Pat Thistlethwaite

    It is cold here in the UK too. We have had snow overnight and there is a keen wind blowing. We are having to give our sheep silage and sheep nuts as they can no longer get a the grass. Our hens are still laying and, like you, one or two of them produce enormous double yolked eggs. They definitely earn their keep.



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