Tuesday Tour: Same Old Stuff

I havent’ done a Tuesday Tour in a couple of weeks because, well, there’s not much going on around here.  Just the same old stuff.

Cow need to be fed daily and hay put out every couple of days or so.calves eating hayhay in hayringIf it’s not too cold, Moe gets to ride along.  moe on truch




We took herd bull Tank out of the fall herd last week.  He just didn’t seem to be getting the “job” done.  We were blessed to have gotten several calf crops from him.  JohnCoffee (the other herd bull) was put in to do “clean up”.


Duke and the hens enjoying a warm afternoon.         

The weather hasn’t been too bad so far this winter.  We have had a couple of almost 70 degree days.  Everyone enjoys days like that!




But, it wasn’t long before we got a reminder that it is still, in fact, winter.  Three inches of heavy wet snow blanketed everything…it was beautiful.





This is the chicken run

This is the chicken run

And, that’s about it.  Things will pick up in a month or so when the spring calves start coming.  I can’t wait for that because that is a sure sign spring is around the corner!

Until next time…

Thanks for reading,


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5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Same Old Stuff

  1. daisy

    You’ve really had some mild days this winter! The snow on the tractor looks magical. You’re invited to share your outdoor posts on The Maple Hill Hop! Hope to see you there!


  2. Jan

    Winter sure has been long for me here in Virginia, but we’ve only had the little tail end of all the storms that have hit the Boston area, so we haven’t been hit as hard as them! I keep telling myself to be greatful for that! The pictures are beautiful, as always! Thanks for linking up with us over at Country Fair Blog Party, I always look forward to seeing what you are up too!
    Jan @ Tip Garden

    Liked by 1 person


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