Tuesday Tour: Clearing Brush and Other Projects

Well, spring has sprung here at CBR!  We’ve enjoyed several days of mild temps and sunshine, but today is a whole other story!  It’s about 40* and we have gotten about a half inch of rain with more expected.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for the rain, but after such nice weather it’s hard not to feel like Mother Nature is being a tease!  lol

The springtime tasks are gearing up.  One of the rental properties was in need of having fence rows cleared out.  In this photo, the fence is on the right and the brush that was removed from it is on the left leaving a clear path.

fence rowOnce all the brush has been cleared the fence will be repaired in order to make the pasture cattle ready.   The “crew” spent several days on this project and I took them lunch so they wouldn’t have to leave the field at lunch time.




This was goulash day

Another project this week was the beginning of spring maintainence on some of the equipment.  The tires on my tractor needed to be moved out for better stability and while it’s in the shop it will get an oil change.










Last fall Jonesy tore this post hole auger up digging through some rock, so today he was able to get it completly rebuilt…good as new…well, almost.  auger







The signs of spring are everywhere!  I am working on a post about what spring looks like around here.  Watch for that.  🙂

Hope you all are well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Clearing Brush and Other Projects

  1. Pat Thistlethwaite

    Same here Lori – always plenty to do on a farm whatever kind of farm it is.
    That scrab clearing looks so well done – do your cattle wander in such areas? It seems so foreign to us over here in the Dales, where our cattle stay in fields, surrounded by stone walls.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. crookedbrandranch Post author

      Yes Pat, our cattle do wander in areas like this. They benefit from acorns, it provides shade and scratching posts. lol There are creeks that meander through the woods that provide a water source. There are also open pastures the can get to also.
      Thanks for your questions!



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