Tuesday Tour: Signs of Spring

While a few are still dealing with snow, the signs of spring are everywhere here at CBR!  Most days are still crisp with a couple of warm humid ones mixed in.  Here are 6 ways you know it’s spring on the ranch.  (In no particular order).

The trees are budding with beautiful blooms and are being visited by honey bees.  Can you spot the bee in this photo?bloom bee

Spring is a good time to burn off fields and pastures.  This is done to release nutrients in the ground, gets rid of weeds and brush, it kills tics and other unwanted pests.  Plus, it makes the grass green up real pretty.burnt field

sanders fieldMUD!  Lots and lots of mud!  While we are thankful for the spring rains, the mud and muck that results can make getting around a little tricky.mud                                                       029

With all that mud, it’s almost impossible to keep the floors clean.  You know it’s spring when you need to clean the floors 2 or three times a day.dirty floor

Spring is when the horses start saying good-bye to their winter coats.  Let me tell ya…that’s a lot of hair.  You always want to make sure not to wear chapstick or lip gloss while brushing a shedding horse!

You know it’s spring when you drive in to town and all the pastures are dotted with baby calves.  Our spring babies start coming in early March.  I love to watch them run and play!
calf003What are some signs of spring at your place?  What do you love most about spring?  I’d love to hear from you!

Be Blessed,


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6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tour: Signs of Spring

  1. Pat Thistlethwaite

    My farmer was interested in the burning off of the fields – don’t think anyone in the UK does that.
    Signs of Spring here – marsh marigolds on the beck in full bloom, celandines in flower in the hedge bottom, blackthorn blossom every and all the hawthorn hedges coming into leaf. Beautiful


  2. WolfSong

    When our spring shed out started, we had a young lady come out to meet the horses and get in a little “equine therapy” time. I warned her Mama, muck boots, and clothes that she doesn’t mind getting dirty. Horses are awesome, but they’re dirty piggies when it’s muddy out too…well, this girl shows up with Mama, she’s dressed to the nines! Fancy clothes, brand new runners, even had a full face of make-up, lipsitck included…I asked her Mama “Seriously?!?” Yeah, apparently, she didn’t believe her Mom when she was told wear old clothes.
    Needless to say, we didn’t even make 10 mintues in the pasture before that young lady was ready to change into some extra farm gear we keep on hand, and scrub off that hair covered lipstick. LOL!
    Now, she comes out in her “farm clothes” to hang out with the Girls. 🙂

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