Memorial Day Weekend at Bar-K

Over Memorial Day Weekend we took our annual trip to Bar-K Wrangler Camp for trail riding and camping.  This year was probably the coolest and wettest weather we’ve had since we have been going there.  The rain made the trails pretty muddy and while I enjoy riding, rainy/muddy conditions aren’t my favorite.   Jonesy on the other hand loved it!  We took 3 horses:

3-year-old Billybilly

4-year-old Jackjack

And 8-year-old KatkatJonesy likes to take a couple of young horses to Bar-K because it is a good experience for them.  It exposes them to new things on the trail.  It teaches them to watch their feet, to go through belly deep water, and that it’s ok to get their feet muddy.  Plus, the more miles they have under saddle, the better the horse.  The “veteran” horse us usually for me to ride. 🙂

One of the best parts about camping out is cooking over the campfire.firepitOne of our favorite campfire meals is just a simple foil packet dinner.  I just toss chopped potatoes, onions, peppers and smoked sausage into the foil and cook it over the fire until the potatoes are tender.  It’s really yummy!foil dinnerIt was another fun time despite the cooler than normal temps and rain.  We alway enjoy hanging out with our “Bar-K” friends and look forward to next time.

For more about Jack click here and here.

You can also read about last years Memorial weekend trip to Bar-K here.farmgirlfriday



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