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Tuesday Tour: Signs of Spring

While a few are still dealing with snow, the signs of spring are everywhere here at CBR!  Most days are still crisp with a couple of warm humid ones mixed in.  Here are 6 ways you know it’s spring on the ranch.  (In no particular order).

The trees are budding with beautiful blooms and are being visited by honey bees.  Can you spot the bee in this photo?bloom bee

Spring is a good time to burn off fields and pastures.  This is done to release nutrients in the ground, gets rid of weeds and brush, it kills tics and other unwanted pests.  Plus, it makes the grass green up real pretty.burnt field

sanders fieldMUD!  Lots and lots of mud!  While we are thankful for the spring rains, the mud and muck that results can make getting around a little tricky.mud                                                       029

With all that mud, it’s almost impossible to keep the floors clean.  You know it’s spring when you need to clean the floors 2 or three times a day.dirty floor

Spring is when the horses start saying good-bye to their winter coats.  Let me tell ya…that’s a lot of hair.  You always want to make sure not to wear chapstick or lip gloss while brushing a shedding horse!

You know it’s spring when you drive in to town and all the pastures are dotted with baby calves.  Our spring babies start coming in early March.  I love to watch them run and play!
calf003What are some signs of spring at your place?  What do you love most about spring?  I’d love to hear from you!

Be Blessed,


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Tuesday Tour: Clearing Brush and Other Projects

Well, spring has sprung here at CBR!  We’ve enjoyed several days of mild temps and sunshine, but today is a whole other story!  It’s about 40* and we have gotten about a half inch of rain with more expected.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for the rain, but after such nice weather it’s hard not to feel like Mother Nature is being a tease!  lol

The springtime tasks are gearing up.  One of the rental properties was in need of having fence rows cleared out.  In this photo, the fence is on the right and the brush that was removed from it is on the left leaving a clear path.

fence rowOnce all the brush has been cleared the fence will be repaired in order to make the pasture cattle ready.   The “crew” spent several days on this project and I took them lunch so they wouldn’t have to leave the field at lunch time.




This was goulash day

Another project this week was the beginning of spring maintainence on some of the equipment.  The tires on my tractor needed to be moved out for better stability and while it’s in the shop it will get an oil change.










Last fall Jonesy tore this post hole auger up digging through some rock, so today he was able to get it completly rebuilt…good as new…well, almost.  auger







The signs of spring are everywhere!  I am working on a post about what spring looks like around here.  Watch for that.  🙂

Hope you all are well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: Remington Came to Visit

Aren’t friendships one of life’s greatest blessings?!  Our friends (who we have been friends with since highschool) came for a visit today and brought their grandson Remington.  It was his  first time at the ranch and we enjoyed showing him around.  remington horseRemington on tractorremington chicken





remington pigremington riding


I think he enjoyed it too!



It’s nice to have new friends, but it is great to see the old ones!

Be Blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: Winter, Hog House, and Baby Socks

snow on hay

Winter finally showed up this last week.  It’s teased us off and on here in the midwest, but lately it has decided to stay a little longer.  A couple of weeks ago we got 3 inches of snow , this past Sunday night we got about 4 inches and it’s starting  to snow again now.  I am grateful however that we havent gotten as much as a lot of some parts of the country has.

Before the snow came, we were able to get the heifer bull (Winchester) out of the spring herd and back home.  The rental property where that herd is on can be a little tricky to get in and out of, so while the ground was still froze Thursday morning,   I went with Jonesy to help load the bull up.

We have been talking about getting a few hogs to raise for the freezer.  So on Friday afternoon we got the old hog shed set up and ready for some piggys.  The ground was still froze enough that it took a little work to get the pen put up. me with axhog shed If you look close you can spot ranch dog Moe in the back ground “supervising”. moe



Here he is close up.



Back in the day (about 23 years ago) we farrowed 30 sows, had 500 baby pigs and 6 boars.  That’s a whole blog post itself.

Anyhoo….I’m pretty excited to add to our little CBR family.


The rest of the critters seem to be handling the weather fine. ducks and hens

Even though some have frosty noses.

086If you have been following along, then you know that Jonesy and I have our first grand baby coming in August.  I can’t wait until we find out whether the baby is a boy or girl so I can start shopping!  (The groan you heard was from Jonesy.)  lol

But…..I saw these at our local farm store and could not pass them up!baby socks


How cute are these??!!!!!

Oh boy…being a grandma is going to be fun!


Until next time

Be blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: Same Old Stuff

I havent’ done a Tuesday Tour in a couple of weeks because, well, there’s not much going on around here.  Just the same old stuff.

Cow need to be fed daily and hay put out every couple of days or so.calves eating hayhay in hayringIf it’s not too cold, Moe gets to ride along.  moe on truch




We took herd bull Tank out of the fall herd last week.  He just didn’t seem to be getting the “job” done.  We were blessed to have gotten several calf crops from him.  JohnCoffee (the other herd bull) was put in to do “clean up”.


Duke and the hens enjoying a warm afternoon.         

The weather hasn’t been too bad so far this winter.  We have had a couple of almost 70 degree days.  Everyone enjoys days like that!




But, it wasn’t long before we got a reminder that it is still, in fact, winter.  Three inches of heavy wet snow blanketed everything…it was beautiful.





This is the chicken run

This is the chicken run

And, that’s about it.  Things will pick up in a month or so when the spring calves start coming.  I can’t wait for that because that is a sure sign spring is around the corner!

Until next time…

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Tuesday Tour: What It Looks Like

tree in creekI’ve got a bad habit of leaving my camera behind when I walk out the door.  Mind you, I’m not a photographer like my daughter-in-law.  If you check out her blog: Lauren Jones Photography

, you will see what good photo’s look like.   Well, today was one of those days I didn’t take my camera, so most of the pictures on today’s blog were taken with my phone…sigh…

It’s still cold here at CBR, in fact it was so cold Jonesy asked if I minded if he brought the chainsaw in the house to sharpen it.  Sure, no problem I said.  A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen and this is what I found…sharpen chainsaw

lol…I just had to laugh.  Actually it’s not the first time he’s brought stuff in the house.  There has been carburetors, saddles…anyway…

Even though it’s been so cold, my 9 hens are still giving us about 3-5 eggs a day.  Let me tell ya, what they are lacking in quantity they are making up for in size!  eggs

That is what large eggs look like!  I can’t even close the lid on the carton!

This is what 300 square bales of hay looks like.


load of hay

The trailer was loaded on Saturday and the hay was delivered on Monday.





I had lunch with my mom on Saturday too.  This is her very first selfie!mom's selfie







Today I went with Jonesy to our south 80 and helped him clear and burn a little brush.

brush firsThis is when I really wished i had my camera with me.  It was so peaceful in the woods.  We too a walk and did a little dreaming.  A couple of times we just stopped and listened.



I was amazed to see this little patch of green in the otherwise brown landscape of January.  grassThis is what the promise of spring looks like.

Here are a few more pictures from our walk.creek in woods creek in woods2cow in woods Hope all is well and warm with all of you.

Be Blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: BURRRRR




I’m talking multi layered kind of cold.

Layer from head to toe kind of cold…you know…ski mask, hood, 3 shirts and a sweat shirt, winter chore coat, long johns under the jeans, insulated coveralls, 2-3 extra pairs of socks, and 2-3 pairs of gloves kind of cold!  108It’s not going to win me any beauty contests but it’ll help keep the cold out for a little while at least.  The worst thing about all theses layers, is when you get it all on and realize you have to go to the bathroom.  Just like a 5-year-old.  lol

I do this 3 times a day, because with these temps the chickens and ducks need to be checked at least that many times a day.  They need fresh (un-frozen) water and the eggs need to be gathered so they don’t freeze.  

Last week while it was still somewhat warm we got pictures of 2 of the horses that we will be taking to the Pitzer Ranch Horse Sale in Nebraska. These pictures along with the horses pedigree and other information will go to the folks at Pitzer to be put in the sale catalogue.  The sale is in April again this year.  Last year we only took one horse.   You can read about that here and here.  This year we are taking CK Kings Chex (we call him Leo)  and our big “grade gelding” Chief.  (A grade gelding is just one that isn’t registered or has papers).





I got one of Moe too. moe He loves to go with us when we go riding, so anytime we get the horses out he thinks it’s time to go for a ride.  He’s whining at me in this picture, “Please Mom?”  Not this time buddy!

The rest of this week will be all about caring for the critters in the bitter cold.  That’s the way of ranch life this time of year.  It may be cold, but it sure is pretty.sunrise


As always, thanks for reading.

Be blessed,

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