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This Is What We Do




When I got up this morning I had my day all planned out…do some cleaning, some paperwork, make a nice lunch…BUT, it didn’t quite happen that way.  Nope, my morning didn’t go at all like I had planned.

I had just stepped out of the shower and had gotten dressed when Jonesy called me and there was urgency in his voice.  He had taken Leo (one of the horses) and rode over to check on the spring heifers that are calving and found one that needed help.  It was a pretty bad situation as the heifer had been trying to have the calf for some time.  She had gotten the head and front shoulders out,  but it was a big calf and she couldn’t seem to make any more progress.  Unfortunately the calf was already dead.

So after Jonesy told me what was happening and gave me a list of supplies to bring I quickly gathered up what was needed to pull the calf  and headed over to the pasture as fast as I could (wet head and all).  By the time I got there, our hired hand Kate (who I call Girl Friday) was there doing what she could to help.

Actually it’s kind of a helpless situation.  This poor heifer was clearly tired and in pain and I felt so bad for her.  All we could really do is get the calf out as quickly as possible so she could have some relief.  She was kind of in a tricky spot too with briar bushes and thorn trees on three sides of her.  Jonesy and Girl Friday worked together while I did what I could by “hold this, and hand me that”.   Finally, the calf was free and as the heifer breathed a sigh of relief.

Jonesy and Girl Friday were worn out.  I stood there with some long angry red scratches on my arm and a chunk out of the end of a finger and felt helpless.  All the things I wasn’t getting done, not being able to save the calf, seeing the poor mama in misery just got to me in that moment.  I felt tears trying to form and Jonesy gently reminded me that this is what we do.  When you ranch, there is life, there is death, and a whole lot of other stuff in between.  You have to do the best you can, when you can and then move on to what comes next.  (Or for me in this case, go back to what I was doing).

My mother-in-law always used to say “It’ll Be There”, and guess what…all my paperwork, dishes and dirty floors were waiting for me when I got back.

Some days are harder than others.  Trees fall on fences, cows get out, horses get hurt.

But…This is what we do.

Some days are easier than others.  Trees are in full bloom, cows have healthy calves, we can enjoy the view between the ears of a horse.

This is what we do.

Thanks for reading,

Be blessed

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One Year of Blogging


This week marks one year of my blogging journey.

I have found it is something I really enjoy doing.  Actually, I’ve always enjoyed writing.  In highschool I took a creative writing class and thought I might take it further.  But then life happened and  I got married and started a family.   Now as an empty nester, I can occasionally squeeze out some time to do at least one post a week.

Looking back at my WordPress Stats my most read posts were:

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christmas tree

Don’t Be In Such A Hurryrearview mirror

My stats also tell me that I have readers from Australia, South Africa, Poland, Germany, Russia and France.  Wow!  That is humbling.

On my About  page I stated that I wanted to start a blog in order to give people a glimpse into the good, bad, and not so good things about the hard work and love that goes into day-to-day life on a working ranch.  My goal for this year will be more of the same.  While there are other bloggers out there that are much better at AGvocating for this kind of lifestyle, I feel if I can just show my readers real, everyday happenings in an honest way, then I have served my purpose.

I want to thank all of you, especially those who have been there from the beginning and those of you who provide feedback.

Thanks for reading,

Be Blessed,

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How It All Began

I have been thinking lately about how it all began for us here at CBR.  When Jonesy and I moved here back in 1989, there was nothing but a 40 acre field that we pulled a teeny, tiny 2 bedroom trailer onto.  Our son was about 18 months old and we were just younguns ourselves, but Jonesy had a dream.  Me….????  I didn’t have a clue!  lol  I just knew I would follow him anywhere.  (Still would).  🙂

We started out with pigs.  Jonesy traded an old Chevy Luv 4×4 pick up similar to this one;

Image from Google

Image from Google

for 4 sows and a television set.  Then he turned around and traded the TV to another neighbor for a used roll of woven wire and some barbed wire to make a pen.  And just like that we were in the hog business!

We spent about 3 years farrowing sows, (mama pigs) keeping back gilts (female that hasn’t had babies).  Meanwhile, I got pregnant with our daughter and helped take care of the pigs until the day she was born.  Our son used to go out in the heat of the day during the summer and spray them down with the hose and make sure they had a nice mud hole.  The pigs loved it and so did he.  The pigs would shake and he would come in all speckled and needing a bath himself!pigs

When I went into the hospital to have our daughter, we were running about 30-35 sows, a couple of boars and a couple hundred baby pigs.  While I was still in the hospital, Jonesy sold the whole operation…lock, stock, and barrel!  Pigs, feeders, waterers…everything!  We had enough from that to buy 10 cows and a bull.  And just like that we were cattle ranchers!

Shortly after we sold out, the hog prices fell significantly and we were very thankful we got out when we did.

We eventually added horses to the ranch and began training them to sell as ranch broke geldings.

CK Sky High Cat "Kat"

CK Sky High Cat “Kat”


kids in garden

Our son and daughter in about 1994 or so

Here we are many years later with our kids grown and making their own way in the world, a grandbaby on the way, a modest cow/calf operation, a nice string of quality ranch horses and the two of us working together.

Looking back,even though there were mistakes made and little bumps along the way. I can truly say we have been so very blessed!


Our daughter all grown up

Our daughter all grown

Our son and daughter-in-law

Our son and daughter-in-law









Thanks for coming along as I take a look back at our humble beginnings!

Be Blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: Remington Came to Visit

Aren’t friendships one of life’s greatest blessings?!  Our friends (who we have been friends with since highschool) came for a visit today and brought their grandson Remington.  It was his  first time at the ranch and we enjoyed showing him around.  remington horseRemington on tractorremington chicken





remington pigremington riding


I think he enjoyed it too!



It’s nice to have new friends, but it is great to see the old ones!

Be Blessed,

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It’s Been Awhile

Gracious!  I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote a blog post!  To be honest, I really havent been all that busy, but now that the weather is teasing us with a bit of spring, maybe I will have something to post about.

Here is a recap of what we’ve been up to.

Last week we went to the sale to buy pigs.  I’ve really been wanting to add a few to our little ranch family.  Well, we only came home with one little piggy.harley hog  I was a little disappointed, but now I know it was for the best.  Turns out, the cost of raising a pig is more than I remembered.  We paid $56.00 for the little guy, and a ton of feed is about $130.00.  We could have bought a fat hog ready to go for $150.00.  Oh well, I will be able to raise him slow and allow him to mature so he will be nice and lean for us.  Plus, there is just something about raising your own food and giving less money to the grocery store.



We have endured another time change.  I love having more daylight, but it’s sometimes hard to adjust.  I posted this picture to the CBR Facebook page.

chief laying down



It kinda seems like he is having trouble adjusting too! lol



Our spring herd has begun to have their calves.  This is alway so exciting!  I love, love, love new babies!





The markings on this little girls face are so unique.


So far we have 3 calves on the ground.  All 3 are heifers (girls).

Today I spent some time catching up on paperwork, and then went outside to clean out my garden shed before all the critters take over.

I’m getting excited to get my garden started.  I just hope Mother Nature isn’t playing a joke on us and decide to dump a bunch of snow on us in the next few weeks.



I’m working on a post about how it all began for us here at CBR, so stay tuned for that.  Also, you can keep up on the day-to-day happenings on our Facebook page.


Hope all is well with all of you!

Be blessed,

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Tuesday Tour: Same Old Stuff

I havent’ done a Tuesday Tour in a couple of weeks because, well, there’s not much going on around here.  Just the same old stuff.

Cow need to be fed daily and hay put out every couple of days or so.calves eating hayhay in hayringIf it’s not too cold, Moe gets to ride along.  moe on truch




We took herd bull Tank out of the fall herd last week.  He just didn’t seem to be getting the “job” done.  We were blessed to have gotten several calf crops from him.  JohnCoffee (the other herd bull) was put in to do “clean up”.


Duke and the hens enjoying a warm afternoon.         

The weather hasn’t been too bad so far this winter.  We have had a couple of almost 70 degree days.  Everyone enjoys days like that!




But, it wasn’t long before we got a reminder that it is still, in fact, winter.  Three inches of heavy wet snow blanketed everything…it was beautiful.





This is the chicken run

This is the chicken run

And, that’s about it.  Things will pick up in a month or so when the spring calves start coming.  I can’t wait for that because that is a sure sign spring is around the corner!

Until next time…

Thanks for reading,


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At the beginning of a new year I ask the Lord to give me a word.  A word that will be my theme, if you will, for that year.  It is something that I want fresh on my mind at all times.  Something to strive for, believe in, find comfort.   Some of the words of the past have been Grace, Restoration, and Rest.  I believe this year the word I am to focus on is……..


Focus as defined by Websters is:

A guiding or motivating purpose or principle. (noun)

To fix one’s attention steadily toward a central object. (verb)

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not alway good at staying focused.  It seems like almost a daily struggle.  When ranching is your lifestyle, interruptions can come in all shapes and sizes and at any given moment, day or night.

Little Man

Those days it can be really hard to stay focused or to re-focus.  Then there are the days when nothing in particular is going on and I just can’t quite make it happen.

Here we are at the end of January, and I can say that I still am not as focused as I would like to be.  The good news is it’s only the end of January.

So, what is the guiding or motivating purpose I want to fix my attention on?   Several things really.  I want to be able to get more accomplished in my daily tasks.  There are everyday things to do like cooking, cleaning and helping tend the animals, etc.cooking potato  But there are seasonal endeavors… vegetable and flower gardening, helping with hay season while still attempting to keep up with dishes and laundry (nevermind the floors), preparing for winter…..to name a few.

My problem is I get distracted easlily…and, ok, I’ll admit it…social media is my biggest distraction.  Notice I said distraction, NOT addiction.  (ahem)


I bought a planner that allows me to see the whole month in one section, and in another I can make a daily list.Planner  Making a list is very helpful in keeping me on task.  I don’t get bent out of shape if something comes up and I’m not able to cross everything off for that day.  I just add it to the next day (and sometimes the next one after that).   The issue with this planner is that when I write everything down, the amount of stuff to do feels overwhelming.  That’s just the “I am a responsible adult” stuff to be done, nevermind the “stuff I just wanna do, cuz I enjoy it” stuff.  (Like blogging, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest…well, you get the idea.)

Maybe it would help if I write on my list each day DON’T GET ON THE COMPUTER!

In the meantime, I will FOCUS each day on improving my Get-R-Done attitude and hopefully by the end of the year I will be able to say that I got focused in 2015.

What about you?  Do you have a word that motivates you in the new year?

How do you keep your focus?

I would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading,


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