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Tuesday Tour: Signs of Spring

While a few are still dealing with snow, the signs of spring are everywhere here at CBR!  Most days are still crisp with a couple of warm humid ones mixed in.  Here are 6 ways you know it’s spring on the ranch.  (In no particular order).

The trees are budding with beautiful blooms and are being visited by honey bees.  Can you spot the bee in this photo?bloom bee

Spring is a good time to burn off fields and pastures.  This is done to release nutrients in the ground, gets rid of weeds and brush, it kills tics and other unwanted pests.  Plus, it makes the grass green up real pretty.burnt field

sanders fieldMUD!  Lots and lots of mud!  While we are thankful for the spring rains, the mud and muck that results can make getting around a little tricky.mud                                                       029

With all that mud, it’s almost impossible to keep the floors clean.  You know it’s spring when you need to clean the floors 2 or three times a day.dirty floor

Spring is when the horses start saying good-bye to their winter coats.  Let me tell ya…that’s a lot of hair.  You always want to make sure not to wear chapstick or lip gloss while brushing a shedding horse!

You know it’s spring when you drive in to town and all the pastures are dotted with baby calves.  Our spring babies start coming in early March.  I love to watch them run and play!
calf003What are some signs of spring at your place?  What do you love most about spring?  I’d love to hear from you!

Be Blessed,


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Tuesday Tour: Clearing Brush and Other Projects

Well, spring has sprung here at CBR!  We’ve enjoyed several days of mild temps and sunshine, but today is a whole other story!  It’s about 40* and we have gotten about a half inch of rain with more expected.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for the rain, but after such nice weather it’s hard not to feel like Mother Nature is being a tease!  lol

The springtime tasks are gearing up.  One of the rental properties was in need of having fence rows cleared out.  In this photo, the fence is on the right and the brush that was removed from it is on the left leaving a clear path.

fence rowOnce all the brush has been cleared the fence will be repaired in order to make the pasture cattle ready.   The “crew” spent several days on this project and I took them lunch so they wouldn’t have to leave the field at lunch time.




This was goulash day

Another project this week was the beginning of spring maintainence on some of the equipment.  The tires on my tractor needed to be moved out for better stability and while it’s in the shop it will get an oil change.










Last fall Jonesy tore this post hole auger up digging through some rock, so today he was able to get it completly rebuilt…good as new…well, almost.  auger







The signs of spring are everywhere!  I am working on a post about what spring looks like around here.  Watch for that.  🙂

Hope you all are well!  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,

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It’s Been Awhile

Gracious!  I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I wrote a blog post!  To be honest, I really havent been all that busy, but now that the weather is teasing us with a bit of spring, maybe I will have something to post about.

Here is a recap of what we’ve been up to.

Last week we went to the sale to buy pigs.  I’ve really been wanting to add a few to our little ranch family.  Well, we only came home with one little piggy.harley hog  I was a little disappointed, but now I know it was for the best.  Turns out, the cost of raising a pig is more than I remembered.  We paid $56.00 for the little guy, and a ton of feed is about $130.00.  We could have bought a fat hog ready to go for $150.00.  Oh well, I will be able to raise him slow and allow him to mature so he will be nice and lean for us.  Plus, there is just something about raising your own food and giving less money to the grocery store.



We have endured another time change.  I love having more daylight, but it’s sometimes hard to adjust.  I posted this picture to the CBR Facebook page.

chief laying down



It kinda seems like he is having trouble adjusting too! lol



Our spring herd has begun to have their calves.  This is alway so exciting!  I love, love, love new babies!





The markings on this little girls face are so unique.


So far we have 3 calves on the ground.  All 3 are heifers (girls).

Today I spent some time catching up on paperwork, and then went outside to clean out my garden shed before all the critters take over.

I’m getting excited to get my garden started.  I just hope Mother Nature isn’t playing a joke on us and decide to dump a bunch of snow on us in the next few weeks.



I’m working on a post about how it all began for us here at CBR, so stay tuned for that.  Also, you can keep up on the day-to-day happenings on our Facebook page.


Hope all is well with all of you!

Be blessed,

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It’s Just a Season (Part 1): Spring

Just like there is Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter in nature, there are also different seasons on the ranch.  Each one brings it’s own joys, goodness, hardships and trials.  Sometimes  The journey is sweet.  Other times it is not always pleasant, but knowing it is just a season makes it easier to get through. The next few posts, I will share with you my thoughts on the different seasons here on our ranch.  Let’s start with Spring.

My favorite thing about the spring season is new baby calves.

Spring-a time of renewal.  Everything is fresh and new…emerging from winters long slumber.  It’s such an exciting time, with baby calves being born,  turning the winter weary ground in preparation for planting a garden,  and one of Jonesy’s favorites…picking up fishing worms after it rains!  There is also a lot to be done.  The hay pastures need to be fertilized,  fences need to be built and repaired, cows need to be preg checked, vaccinated and moved to grass.  broken barbwireTractors and equipment need to be gotten ready for the next season-the season of harvesting the hay.  It’s a very busy time of year and sometimes the “to do” list never stops growing.  Our eyes are always on the sky too.  If things have been dry we hope for rain, but not so much rain that the work has to be postponed. It strikes me that in life too, there are seasons.  In each season there is good and not so good and that how I choose to respond makes all the difference.  Nature reminds me that when the hard times come to just breathe deep, and remember something fresh and new is just around the corner...It’s just a season. Be blessed, -Lori

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