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Memorial Day Weekend at Bar-K

Over Memorial Day Weekend we took our annual trip to Bar-K Wrangler Camp for trail riding and camping.  This year was probably the coolest and wettest weather we’ve had since we have been going there.  The rain made the trails pretty muddy and while I enjoy riding, rainy/muddy conditions aren’t my favorite.   Jonesy on the other hand loved it!  We took 3 horses:

3-year-old Billybilly

4-year-old Jackjack

And 8-year-old KatkatJonesy likes to take a couple of young horses to Bar-K because it is a good experience for them.  It exposes them to new things on the trail.  It teaches them to watch their feet, to go through belly deep water, and that it’s ok to get their feet muddy.  Plus, the more miles they have under saddle, the better the horse.  The “veteran” horse us usually for me to ride. 🙂

One of the best parts about camping out is cooking over the campfire.firepitOne of our favorite campfire meals is just a simple foil packet dinner.  I just toss chopped potatoes, onions, peppers and smoked sausage into the foil and cook it over the fire until the potatoes are tender.  It’s really yummy!foil dinnerIt was another fun time despite the cooler than normal temps and rain.  We alway enjoy hanging out with our “Bar-K” friends and look forward to next time.

For more about Jack click here and here.

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So Ya Wanna Buy A Horse…?


I see it all the time.  It usually looks similar to this:

ISO: Dead broke, bomb proof, no buck horse for $1000.00 or less.

It doesn’t exist people!  There is no such thing!  Now, I am by far no expert, but like so many other things in this world, you get what you pay for.  Even if a horse is very well-mannered, has good training and is just a big ole sweetie,  IT IS STILL A HORSE!  Horses are prey animals and you will never, ever change that God-given instinct.gunny

Usually this type of ad also includes the fact that the horse will be for a young and/or inexperience rider.  I don’t believe folks realize that riding a horse is not as simple as swinging a leg over the saddle and saying giddy up.  Riding involves your whole body.  Your hands, knees, legs, feet, how you sit in the saddle.  There is a difference between riding a horse and being a passenger.boot in stirup

Jonesy has broken and trained many horses over the years, so I want to share with you not only what we believe is the way to buy a horse, but how we approach  selling  our horses to individuals with little experience.B

First of all, buying a horse is an investment and it should not be rushed.  It may be tempting to fall in love with and buy the first one you see, but it’s important to do some research and look at several horses.

What do I mean by research?  Start with a clear idea of what you want in a horse.  Do you want to run barrels and participate in 4H fun shows, do you want to sort and pen cattle, or simply trail ride.  Once you know what you are looking for, you can compile a list of questions to ask potential sellers.  Be specific with your questions and ask lots of them.  Be wary if your questions are met with hesitation, avoidance or discomfort.

Second, don’t buy a “second-hand” horse.  This is what Jonesy calls a horse that someone else is having problems with or can’t get along with.  If the horse has bad habits with them chances are they will have the same problems no matter who owns them.   For example, a 12-15 year old gelding that has good training, is well broke, has a million miles on him and will take care of you on the trail is priceless!  Why would someone want to sell him for a $1000.00?

When you come to CBR  interested in one of our horses it is vitally important to us that you  get along with our horse.  We want you to be successful with a CBR gelding.  We want you to meet the horse and spend a little time with him, ride him and ask questions.  You are welcome to come several times if need be.

Because we want our clients to be a success, Jonesy will take the time to show you how the horse is trained and show you the cues that get the horses feet to move.  With our horses, all it takes is a gentle squeeze with the legs to get them to move forward.   Lean back in the saddle and put your feet forward and he will stop.  (Just to name a couple.)

As a trainer, Jonesy offers a “tune up” and help with any issues that may arise.  We are always available to answer any questions.

As I said, buying a horse is an investment, it may take a little time and putting the money back to get something of quality.  But in the end, isn’t it the things we work hardest for are the things that mean the most to us?me on gunny

Me and Gunny

Me and Gunny

Thanks for readin…be blessed,

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What’s Been Happening at CBR

I can’t believe it’s been over 2 weeks since I did a blog post!  This little break was not intentional, no, not at all.  Life just sometimes happens and there just isn’t enough hours in a day.  But it’s all good…

Here is some of what has been going on around here.

023With some weather moving in we vaccinated, preg checked and branded cattle.  Some friends came out and helped even though it was cold and rainy.  028This is the first time we have used our state certified brand, so we were very excited.  It turned out great!  The cows as well as the horses were branded.025027horse brand

There is a lot that goes into preparing for a day of working cattle.  Everything from scheduling the vet, getting the cattle and supplies arranged, to feeding the crew.  At about noon, we all took a break and had chili  that I had made the day before.019

A couple of days after this, Jonesy and I harvested our pears.  Our one and only pear tree was LOADED!  003016This is what 244 pounds of pears looks like!  (Yes,  I said 244 pounds!)018I will be doing a lot of canning and jam making!

Last week I was able to go camping and trail riding with some friends.  The fall colors along the trail were spectacular!  My horse always takes good care of me and hanging out with these girls was so much fun!057Even though the last few weeks have been busy, there have been so many blessings mixed in. Everything from how well things went when we worked cows, a bountiful harvest of pears, to making memories with friends.

I’ll leave you with some of the beautiful scenery from the trail.045039119

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Be Blessed,

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