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Gettin’ Through January

Well here we are a week into February.  Getting back into the swing of blogging regularly is proving to be harder than I thought!    Winter time is a slower time here on the ranch,  but we still stayed fairly busy.  Normally January is my least favorite month.  It’s usually cold, dreary and lifeless,  but this year it seemed like we had more sunny days than usual, so that helped me get through it.   I snapped this photo on New Year’s Day.snowtreeSunny days with blue skies in January is such a gift.






It’s a little glimpse of the promise of spring…..






…..and hope for what lies around the next bend in the road.bridge

I hope that all of you have had a great start to the year and that you all are well.

Be blessed,



Tuesday Tour: Winter, Hog House, and Baby Socks

snow on hay

Winter finally showed up this last week.  It’s teased us off and on here in the midwest, but lately it has decided to stay a little longer.  A couple of weeks ago we got 3 inches of snow , this past Sunday night we got about 4 inches and it’s starting  to snow again now.  I am grateful however that we havent gotten as much as a lot of some parts of the country has.

Before the snow came, we were able to get the heifer bull (Winchester) out of the spring herd and back home.  The rental property where that herd is on can be a little tricky to get in and out of, so while the ground was still froze Thursday morning,   I went with Jonesy to help load the bull up.

We have been talking about getting a few hogs to raise for the freezer.  So on Friday afternoon we got the old hog shed set up and ready for some piggys.  The ground was still froze enough that it took a little work to get the pen put up. me with axhog shed If you look close you can spot ranch dog Moe in the back ground “supervising”. moe



Here he is close up.



Back in the day (about 23 years ago) we farrowed 30 sows, had 500 baby pigs and 6 boars.  That’s a whole blog post itself.

Anyhoo….I’m pretty excited to add to our little CBR family.


The rest of the critters seem to be handling the weather fine. ducks and hens

Even though some have frosty noses.

086If you have been following along, then you know that Jonesy and I have our first grand baby coming in August.  I can’t wait until we find out whether the baby is a boy or girl so I can start shopping!  (The groan you heard was from Jonesy.)  lol

But…..I saw these at our local farm store and could not pass them up!baby socks


How cute are these??!!!!!

Oh boy…being a grandma is going to be fun!


Until next time

Be blessed,

-Lorihomeacre blogfarmgirlfriday

Wordless Wednesday: A Taste of Winter

tasteofwinter1chicken printsbranches

homeacre blogfarmgirlfriday

Tuesday Tour: Same Old Stuff

I havent’ done a Tuesday Tour in a couple of weeks because, well, there’s not much going on around here.  Just the same old stuff.

Cow need to be fed daily and hay put out every couple of days or so.calves eating hayhay in hayringIf it’s not too cold, Moe gets to ride along.  moe on truch




We took herd bull Tank out of the fall herd last week.  He just didn’t seem to be getting the “job” done.  We were blessed to have gotten several calf crops from him.  JohnCoffee (the other herd bull) was put in to do “clean up”.


Duke and the hens enjoying a warm afternoon.         

The weather hasn’t been too bad so far this winter.  We have had a couple of almost 70 degree days.  Everyone enjoys days like that!




But, it wasn’t long before we got a reminder that it is still, in fact, winter.  Three inches of heavy wet snow blanketed everything…it was beautiful.





This is the chicken run

This is the chicken run

And, that’s about it.  Things will pick up in a month or so when the spring calves start coming.  I can’t wait for that because that is a sure sign spring is around the corner!

Until next time…

Thanks for reading,


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