Hello,  my name is Lori and I have been a part of the ranch lifestyle for almost 28 years now.  I recently left my job as a receptionist in a dental office and currently I am the Manager (so to speak) of our growing ranch which entails everything from paper work/record keeping, to tending to chickens, cleaning horse stalls and so much more.

I was born and raised a “city girl” and had not a clue what life had in store for me when I married my high school sweetheart!  In fact , those who remember me from high school would probably tell you that the last thing they thought I’d be doing would be hanging out with cows, horses, and chickens!  But I fell in love with a man who dreamed of ranching as a way of life.  So here we are almost  28 years later and I have the awesome privilege of working along side of him every day!  (I will refer to him as Jonesy in the blog).

We embarked on this journey with it’s bumps along the way, raising two amazing kids who are now grown and making their way in this world.

I wanted to start a blog because I feel that most people do not really know what life is like on a working ranch.  Most don’t really understand how much hard work is involved to maintain healthy animals.  My goal is to give the reader a glimpse at the good, bad, and the ugly of this way of life.

I will be sharing everything from the birth of springs first calves, the training of horses, raising and canning our own veggies and so much more.  (I may even through in a recipe or 2).   🙂

I love our little corner of the world and I am proud to say that in some small way I am a woman in agriculture!

Please follow along, comment and ask questions.  I will LOVE your feedback!

Thanks for stopping by,